Elementary Owl Pellet Kit

Owlpellets.com’s Elementary Owl Pellet Kit, recommended for grades 2-6, contains a complete Teacher’s Instruction Guide and a step-by-step lesson plan. We have included “How to Dissect an Owl Pellet” for first time users
The kit contains:

15 owl pellets
All the paperwork needed for a class of up to 30 students
30 Background Information sheets (introduces the owl and its place in nature)
15 Bone Identification Charts (for identification of prey species and recognition of various bones)
15 Rodent Skeleton Cards (to reconstruct the skeleton of a prey animal)
A clear overhead (to explain food chains)

The curriculum was developed to introduce emementary students to the study of ecology and the environment, simple food chains, the predator/prey relationships in nature, and responsible human interactions with wildlife through the specific study of owl pellets. This kit offers a fun way for elementary students to learn more about nature.
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