the owl pellet song barn owl trust owl nesting box video owl and cat video offers materials for use in the classroom that we have developed. We have a rodent and a bird skeleton chart, some pics, and a few youtube videos for teachers to use in the classroom..
We plan to post curriculum sent in by teachers that will help other teachers to develop and extend the study of owl pellets. There are many uses for owl pellets that can include multi-subject extentions.
Please help us help teachers by sending in your curriculum. We will edit and post those curriculums in the curriculum exchange index.

If you have curriculum you would like to share or find a recourse we should put on our website please let us know by emailing us.

Thanks for your help
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explaining owl pellets video
A collection of youtube videos explaining owl pellets.
The Barn Owl Trust
an informative video on owls.
A cute owl and cat video.
The owl pellet song!
A cool video inside a nesting box
(Click on picture to play video)
owl pictures in the wild
Into the wild
click the picture to see some of our non-captive owl pics.
bird skeleton chart rodent skeleton card my_website004001.gif
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